Mom Gives Birth - Then She Turns To Father And Says: "I'm Sorry"


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Phew, Eliza started crying when she finally heard her newborn daughter crying. Giving birth to her baby had taken its toll, she was exhausted and could barely believe it was finally over.

The nurse placed the baby girl on Eliza's chest. Finally, she could hold her baby in her arms.

Eliza looked around the room; "where is Ben?" she said. Her husband Ben seemed to have disappeared.

Then Ben entered the room, Eliza's face turned pale and Eliza knew immediately she had to come clean. He walks up to Eliza, holds her hand, and then she says: "I'm sorry"

The most difficult lie

Source: / Natalia Deriabina

Eliza was still catching her breath after the difficult birth. But when she saw her husband Ben with their newly born son in his arms, her feeling of joy quickly turned into an uneasy feeling of great grief... This should have been the start of the perfect life she had always envisioned. But she was ashamed she had lied to get here…

The truth

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Ben handed Eliza their perfect little son. “He looks just like me, I can’t believe it”, Ben emotionally proclaimed. Eliza’s heart immediately sank. She knew that she could not keep her secret hidden for much longer now. He had to know the truth...

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“I’m so ,so sorry...”

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Tears are welling up in Eliza’s eyes and her voice breaks as she grabs Ben’s arm and puls him in. “Ben… I am so, so sorry, but there is something that you have to know...”. Ben’s eyes went wide in disbelief. “How could you Eliza…”

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Recently married 

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Eliza and Ben were a happy young couple, they had recently tied the knot, and for both of them, it signaled the start of a lifelong dream they both shared. The couple had been together for many years but one thing they had both wanted more than anything else was finally within their reach...

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Wanting a child

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You see, the young couple wanted more than anything to have a big family. It was a dream they had both had right from their childhoods. A few months after the wedding the couple started trying to have their first baby, excited for the life and home that they would start together as a family. But something was wrong...

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They try for almost 2 years

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The couple watched as months went by and still no changes developed in Eliza. They knew getting pregnant wasn't as easy for everyone but after two years with no signs of an improvement, they both began to worry. They had spent so long dreaming of a family they had never imagined that something could go wrong.

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Going to the doctor

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The young couple decided to visit the doctor and figure out what was going on with them. Could there truly be something wrong with them? Or were they simply having some bad luck in that department? Eliza and Ben both worried as the days led up to the doctor's appointment.

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Mom Gives Birth - Then She Turns To Father And Says: "I


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